It's not just what you sell your home for- IT'S WHAT YOU KEEP.

Earn more, Save more, Keep more

-using The Home Network.


Doing What Others Can't

As a leading provider of real estate services, we take pride in offering the best solutions (while offering the most support) to your real estate needs. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. For seventeen years, we have provided thoughtful and creative options for our clients- and always with integrity and value.

For home sellers: The Home Network does more than just sell your home at the optimal price.  Because it's not just what you sell your home for- it's what you keep.  Using the network enables a home owner to keep more of the proceeds from their home's sale.  And if we assist you with a new purchase and new home loan...your savings would be that much greater over what a traditional real-estate firm could ever provide.

For home buyers:  The Home Network will find you the perfect home and provide the perfect plan in which to make it yours.  But our support doesn't end there; as we'll also help you with a broker credit at close.  If we assisted you with a home loan too, that credit could be up to 1% of your purchase price to help you achieve your goals.  On a $500,000 purchase, that's a $5,000 helping hand.